Disposable or Cleanable Air Filters?: A Complete Guide

October 06, 2022

Air filters are an unavoidable component in domestic as well as industrial applications. They do a fine job of trapping the impurities from entering the HVAC system and indoors to facilitate a safer, cleaner indoor atmosphere. High-quality air filters can filter impurities like dirt, dust, debris and even air-borne contaminants like bacteria and viruses. There are many types of air filters and one can choose the required version depending on the requirements. In this blog post, we will be discussing two of the most common types of filters — disposable and cleanable air filters.


A Complete Guide to Disposable and Cleanable Air Filters


As the name suggests, disposable air filters are the type that can be used for a certain period before being disposed of and replaced. On the other hand, cleanable air filters can be reused after washing away the dirt, debris and contaminants from time to time.


Materials used:
Disposable filters feature fibreglass mesh stretched over a cardboard framework. This mesh catches debris as the air passes through it. A washable or reusable air filter is made of woven polypropylene media. They are electrostatically charged to trap more particles. 


Traditional disposable filters are the most common type of filters used across domestic and industrial applications. This is because they are economical. However, this type of air filter has to be replaced regularly to regulate a safe environment. A cleanable air filter, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly option and can be used over a long period, making it more expensive than its disposable counterpart. Washable filters can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum or water to remove any particle build-up.


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