Deciding Between Pleated and Non-Pleated Air Filters

September 24, 2019

Air filters for HVAC systems are not all the same. There are a wide variety when it comes to types and shapes, making it quite daunting to choose which is best for you. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices by deciding between two major classifications: pleated air filters and non-pleated air filters. Each of these filters offers different benefits and is better suited to specific applications over the other.



Why Should You Go for Pleated Air Filters



Pleated air filters are a good choice primarily because they are more efficient than their non-pleated counterparts at trapping invisible airborne particles. They can filter a lot of undesirable debris from the air, including dust, mold, pet dander, pollen, and even bacteria. Usually, they are made from a unique synthetic wire material, enabling them to provide a higher level of air filtration than the standard filters available.


Pleated air filters come in different sizes to suit almost all types of HVAC systems. They range from 1”-wide to 6”-wide deep-pleated filters, and typically span MERV ratings between 5 to 12. To top it all, they are very durable and highly efficient, and are an outstanding solution for those who suffer from allergies.



Reasons Why Non-Pleated Air Filters Are a Good Buy



On the other hand, non-pleated air filters are more suitable in filtering bigger air contaminants, such as lint and even insects. While they may not be as durable as pleated air filters, they are less expensive and can be reinforced with fiberglass parts for added strength. They also include electronic and electrostatic air filters which offer excellent filtration and air flow. They can contribute to the efficiency and overall performance of any industrial HVAC system.


If you prefer to go after durability and a higher level of filtration, then pleated air filters are your best option. However, if you can settle with standard protection and prefer a less costly option, then non-pleated air filters are for you.


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