Custom Filter Design Considerations

June 01, 2021

When it comes to choosing the right filter for your needs, sometimes it is better to bypass pre-made products and opt for a custom filter instead. A custom filter will be able to meet all your exact needs and can be designed and fabricated by a reliable filter manufacturer with no hassle on your part.



When designing custom filters, here are the considerations that filter manufacturers like Dynamic Filtration bear in mind:



1. Sizing

Your applications will have a specific size demand for your filtration systems. Perhaps there are space constraints to consider as well as airflow needs, which will be dictated by sizing. Larger filters will be able to provide better airflow, and the thickness of the media will also play a role in both filtration and airflow.


2. Integration

You can choose to integrate your filter fully into its enclosure. This will reduce assembly costs and maintenance costs because there will be less parts to deal with. If you need this kind of configuration, a custom filter is best choice as it can be design to fit perfectly inside the enclosure.


3. Shape

Not all filters need to be in the standard square or rectangle shape. You can maximize your space and surface area by using different shapes to promote airflow and to work better with your enclosure space.


4. Accessories

Your filter system can be further enhanced through the use of different kinds of accessories to improve its structural integrity and also give it more functionality. For instance, fasteners can be used to keep filters more securely mounted, and gaskets can help prevent air bypass or water ingress. These accessories will factor into your final budget and as such the experts at Dynamic Filtration will carefully consult with you on your needs and budget before implementing anything additional.


Getting a custom filter is a process made simple through the professionalism of experts like Dynamic Filtration. Call us today to start the consultation process!


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