Custom Air Filtration for Laboratory Applications

December 02, 2019

Air filtration is one of the most important elements for having a safe and well-maintained working environment in laboratories. Most of the time, a standard air filter will not be enough to offer an adequate filtration level that can safely remove pathogens and particles from the air. This is where a custom filter comes into play in meeting unique filtration requirements for a laboratory setup.


Environmental laboratory scientists are always performing tests on various biological and chemical substances. In this environment, all sorts of gases, soils, and other pollutants and contaminants are analyzed. It is extremely important for scientists to ensure that the samples being studied must be free of any contaminants so that the results of the research will be considered valid and not skewed.


Having a suitable custom filter in place in the lab will significantly boost the cleanliness and air purity of the working space.


Another field that requires effective air filtration is the medical research field wherein scientists also perform experiments in a laboratory involving dangerous pathogens that have to be contained effectively. Lack of containment can put the health of scientists and other workers at risk. All this considered, a custom filter is usually used in vented hoods and isolation areas to ensure air purity.


Lastly, there are also food scientists who conduct research into the food and beverage industry. The purposes of this research may be for standardization reasons, quality assurance, or to meet food safety requirements. Similar to other experiments, samples must be free of any contaminants, whether airborne or not. This is why a custom filter is commonly used in this environment to help control the cleanliness of the lab.


It is clear that any laboratory has to follow stringent filtration and isolation processes in order for their scientists to achieve reliable results and findings. Using the right, custom filter throughout the laboratory is key to ensuring safety and accuracy.

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