Comparison Of Electrostatic, Metal Mesh And Disposable Filters

August 15, 2022

When it comes to air filter elements, there are plenty of options out there. But the three most popular ones are the electrostatic cleanable air filter, the metal mesh filter, and the disposable filter. While each type of filter is specially designed for a specific purpose, there is one filter that is better suited for most cases than the others. Hence, this information is crucial to selecting the right option for the optimal functioning of an HVAC system. In this context, an electrostatic cleanable air filter is recognized by many to be the best choice of all.  The rationale behind this consensus will be examined below.


Electrostatic Air Filter Benefits


Electrostatic Cleanable Air Filter vs. Metal Mesh Filter

The cleanable electrostatic air filter is created out of filter material that is equipped with electrostatic qualities, enhancing the capturing of particulates. It's designed to draw airborne contaminants into its woven fiber surface. And since electricity remains consistent over time, it never loses its electrostatic qualities, no matter how frequently they are being washed or cleaned. 


On the other hand, metal mesh filters are highly dependent on several layers of expanded metal that are bonded together into a pad. This design requires a spray-on tackifier to maintain or increase the efficiency of the filter. Hence, it needs more maintenance compared to its electrostatic counterpart. 


Electrostatic Cleanable Air Filter vs. Disposable Filter

Obviously, the biggest benefit of using a washable air filter over a disposable one is the cost you save from having to purchase stacks of the latter. In addition, a quality cleanable filter can last for a very long time before it needs a new replacement. Plus, it is also impervious to bacteria and viruses lurking in indoor air. Ultimately, unlike disposable air filters that can easily be impacted by abrasion and other airborne chemicals, washable air filters made from electrostatic petroleum-based media are very resistant to abrasion and other particulate-related damages. 


Hence, electrostatic air filters are the superior of the lot due to these advantages.


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