Choosing The Best Filter Element For Your Dust Collector

January 04, 2021

Selecting the correct dust collector filter elements is an important decision that can sometimes be very difficult. This is because filter bags are available in many various materials from woven to pleated and felted and so on. The first step you have to do is to determine what specific use you have for the dust collector and in what working environment. Knowing this beforehand will make it easier for you to know which filter elements work best for you at the highest efficiency.


Here are the key factors to help narrow down your choices.


Product: the object to be filtered.

Dust: the size of the particles to be filtered.

Resistance: its ability to resist wear and tear of filtering the particles.

Temperature: how hot or cold the filter elements have to work in.


One more crucial factor that you have to consider in choosing the right dust collector filter elements is the environment. The performance of the filter is directly affected by the kind of environment where it will be installed. Moreover, the ability of the collector to clean the filter elements also has an impact on the overall filtering process. The most common media used in filter elements include natural fibres, woven and non-woven felts, and synthetics such as thermoplastics and thermoset. Another option is polyphenylene sulfide.


After you have chosen the best dust collector filter elements for your application, the next step is to measure precisely the filter size and evaluate if the construction both at the bottom and top parts of the filter perfectly fits your dust collector.


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