Benefits and Disadvantages of Cleanable Air Filters

January 25, 2021

Cleanable air filters are a great long-term investment. These filters can be reused after a thorough wash and removal of trapped dust and other particles, meaning the fabric and material is relatively more durable in comparison to regular filters. They are more environmentally friendly to a certain degree, reducing waste per use. Many filtration manufacturers, such as Dynamic Filtration, endorse the use of washable filters.


However, like all products, there are a variety of benefits and disadvantages.



Although more costly than regular filters in many cases, cleanable air filters can be more cost-effective as 1 filter can be used multiple times, equal to 3-5 regular filters. The trade-off to a reusable filter is the regular maintenance it requires to keep a high performance.


Highly Durable

The ability to reuse cleanable air filters means that the material will need to be more durable than regular filters. The fabric and material will often be thicker and higher quality with the ability to withstand dust particles as well as the mould. Once these particles are cleaned thoroughly, the filter can be used with similar results to a new set.


Reducing Waste Per Use

Companies today are all looking for eco-friendly solutions to use in their business. Reusable filters are one of the main factors that a lot of businesses will consider due to the ability to reduce waste per use.


High Bacterial Growth Rates

Although washable, reusable filters are prone to high bacterial growth. There will always be remaining bacteria that gets left behind during the cleaning process which has a chance to grow and quickly repopulate the filters again.


Longer Cleaning Times

It is always faster to replace a filter than to wash one. In order for filters to be reusable, they need to go through a cleaning process that can take longer depending on the application. Every business is different, which means business owners will need to consider their day-to-day operations to determine whether a disposable filter would be more suited for their applications.


If you need either washable or replaceable filters, you can always count on Dynamic Filtration to provide you with the best solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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