An Overview Of Surface And Depth Filtration

May 04, 2022

Industrial air filters are an absolute necessity in many sectors where air quality and purity are paramount to a business’s success. However, there are many different types of filters that are best suited for a specific purpose, such as pleated filters, panel filters, welding filters, dust collector filters, and more. Furthermore, factors like MERV rating and filter elements also play a vital role in selecting the right filter for a particular application. That being said, there is another way to determine filter quality, by identifying if it is a surface filter or depth filter. To elaborate further, the major difference between these types of filtration will be discussed below.


Difference between depth and surface filtration.


Surface Filtration

As the name implies, in this type of filtration, the contaminants are retained on the surface of the filter. As the layer of particles increases, the filter becomes more effective in retaining finer-sized particles at the surface, thereby increasing its efficiency. Usually made of woven fabric, paper, fibreglass or cellulose, the filter comprises uniform pores whose size is equal to the size of the particles being trapped at the surface. 


Depth Filtration

As a form of direct contrast to surface filtration, depth filtration is a multi-layer process where effective filtration takes place throughout the width/depth of the filter. A depth filter comprises several intricate layers of pores of varying granular sizes so that larger particles are trapped at the surface whereas the smaller particles are subsequently filtered out at the deeper layers. In spite of the difference in thickness and mechanism, depth filters can also be made using fibreglass, cellulose and woven fabric medium, often in combination.


In the end, the style of filtration is completely dependent on the air quality required, with depth filters being much superior in terms of performance. Conversely, surface filters are more cost-effective. 


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