8 Types Of Filter Elements Used In Industrial Filters

February 02, 2024
Filter elements by Dynamic Filtration

Filter elements play a crucial role in ensuring the purity of the air we breathe in various industries. From removing particles and contaminants to capturing harmful gases, filter elements are the backbone of effective filtration systems. Whether it is in a manufacturing unit, production plant, or large industry, filter elements are indispensable. In this article, we will explore the most popular types of filter elements used in industrial filters.


Popular Types of Filter Elements


Filter Media:


Filter media is the most common type of filter element used in industrial filters. It consists of a porous material that allows air or liquid to pass through while trapping particles and contaminants. Different types of filter media include fiberglass, polyester, paper, and metal mesh.


Pleated Filter Elements:

Pleated filter elements have a larger surface area compared to flat filter elements, allowing for more efficient filtration. The pleats create more space for particles to be trapped, ensuring cleaner air or liquid output.


Cartridge Filters:

Cartridge filters are cylindrical-shaped filter elements that are widely used in various industries. They contain a pleated or wound internal filtering medium encased in a housing. Cartridge filters can efficiently remove solid particles from liquids and gases.


Bag Filters:

Bag filters are large fabric bags that trap dust and other solid contaminants from gas streams in industrial applications such as power plants and cement production facilities.


Screen Filters:

Screen filters use fine wire mesh screens to strain out larger particles from liquids or gases passing through them.


Membrane Filters:

Membrane filters consist of thin layers with microscopic pores that allow only certain-sized molecules or particles to pass through while blocking others. They are commonly used for water purification and pharmaceutical processes.


Activated Carbon Filters:

Activated carbon filters utilize activated carbon granules to adsorb pollutants, chemicals, odors, and organic compounds from air or water streams.


Ceramic Filters:

Ceramic filters employ ceramic materials with tiny pores that capture bacteria, sediment, and other impurities from drinking water sources.

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