5 Variables of Customizing Industrial Filters

September 20, 2021

Industrial filters are designed and engineered to keep up with the rigorous demands of dusty environments. However, you may have specific needs that are not addressed by generic industrial filters. This is when custom solutions are critical to improving your daily operations. 


Custom industrial filters can be made into any form and shape to make their operations more efficient and increase their functionality. They can also be made to be reusable without compromising their effectiveness.



Below are many different variables that you can customize in industrial filters: 




Industrial filters can be customized to meet unique demands in areas with poor indoor air quality. Materials for filter frames and end cap materials can be made from plastic, metal, and MDF according to your specifications. Dependable air filter manufactures can show you all the options available according to your needs and budget. 


Forms and Shapes

Air filter applications may vary from one industry to another, from HVAC to dust collection systems. Air filters can be fitted in air compressors or blower units. For this reason, customizing their shapes and forms is critical so they can do their job efficiently. They can be constructed in rigid or flexible forms and in different shapes such as triangles, cylinders, and so on. 


MERV Ratings

For a more efficient filtration performance, industrial filters can be engineered to achieve higher MERV ratings between 11 to 15. For instance, facilities with welding and grinding operations require filters with higher MERV ratings to capture air contaminants that are toxic to workers. Having the right MERV rating will also increase your filter’s lifespan.


Filter Life

Unlike single-use commercial air filters, custom air filters can be designed to achieve the longest filter life possible. This process involves choosing the right material and employing the appropriate manufacturing process and quality tests.  



Aside from minimizing environmental impact, washable air filters significantly cut operation costs. Depending on its efficiency and construction, air filters can be washed periodically to remove accumulated dust and then reinstalled again. 


Without a doubt, custom industrial filters are cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Be sure to determine your needs first and then work with a reliable air filter manufacturer to achieve the perfect custom filter within your budget. Call us the experts at Dynamic Filtration today to get started!


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