5 Important Parts Of An Industrial Air Filter In A Compressor

April 14, 2022

Air filtration is an important aspect of many industrial processes. But one of the most important uses of industrial filters is in air compressors, for even small contamination in the compressor can result in catastrophic consequences. Hence, the quality of these filters that are used in a compressor is extremely high. To ascertain that quality, it’s first important to understand the various components of an industrial filter used in an air compressor. Here are 5 such crucial elements of an air filter.


5 Components of an Air Filter


Filter Cap

While an air filter protects a compressor, the filter itself also needs minimal shielding to function optimally and for a long time period. This is where a filter cap comes into the picture, which not only protects the filter but also helps in directing airflow into the entire system.


Filter Discharge

At the other end of the filtration process, a filter discharge is the end component of a filter from which purified air exits the system. 


Filter Element

The major element of a compressed air filter, the element does the fundamental filtration process by removing particulates from the air. The element can either remove solid particles, liquid particles such as aerosol and oils, or gaseous particles. Depending on the application of the compressor, an optimal filter element is selected that can expertly remove any one of the above particles.


Filter Bowl And Bowl Guard

The initial filter cap needs to be connected with the rest of the filtration mechanism for the operation to begin. This connection is facilitated by the filter bowl and bowl guard, where the majority of the pollutants such as oils, particulates and dust are collected. Consequently, these dust collectors need to be frequently cleaned or replaced to ensure efficient functioning. 


Filter Drain

The contaminants collected in the bowl and bowl guard also need to be regularly expelled, which is facilitated by a filter drain. Regularly draining the dust, oil, water and other contaminants here will ensure a healthy air compressor and filtration system, thereby guaranteeing high-quality air. 


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