4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Filter Element

July 10, 2020

A filter element is the central component of an industrial filter where the filtration process takes place. Most industrial-grade filters require high-quality elements with exceptional retention and dirt-holding capacity. Companies must inspect their filters for any possible need for replacements and improve the overall system's performance.


Here are four crystal clear signs it's time to replace your filter elements:


Weakened Retention Capacity

Retention refers to the filter's ability to retain debris and foreign matter without changing or altering the size of its mesh. In doing so, manufacturers and users can gauge the long-term efficiency of filtration by the elements. If your employees notice immense filtration performance changes, you might need to inspect the filter for possible replacement.

It Doesn't Hold Pressure As Quickly As Before

Pressure in a filter element indicates its capacity to hold foreign matter without any denting or bending. This characteristic is essential, especially if the filter is intended for use with high-pressure water flow or airflow. Weak filters can lose pressure quickly if they're incapable of handling high levels of water or air pressure during operations. However, even purpose-made filters will weaken and lose pressure over time.

You See Foreign Matter Despite The Filter's Good Condition

Upon close inspection, your elements have excellent retention and pressure levels. However, you're still seeing foreign matter passing through the filter in moderate to massive amounts. Remove the element and replace it with another batch. In some cases you might need to return your filter to its manufacturer for possible manufacturing faults.

You've Been The Filter For More Than Five Years

If you've been using the filter for more than five years, it's bound to require a replacement. Most high-quality industrial filters can function without hiccups for 3-5 years. Regardless of its manufacturing standards and quality control, any aged filter will require replacement.

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