4 Reasons To Use Custom Filters

April 26, 2022

For most air purification functions, industrial filters are generally used as they capture and remove large particles from a liquid, gas, or solid before it is released back into the environment. However, there are multiple varieties of these filters such as pleated filters, panel filters, welding filters and even cleanable ones. Moreover, they also differ greatly from the HEPA filters used in homes because industrial filters capture larger particles, such as dust and dirt when compared to domestic filters. With so much diversification, choosing a filter for a specific task can seem difficult and perplexing. As a result, many businesses opt for custom filters as they are tailor-made for a specific purpose. Here are four more solid reasons to use these customized filters for your machines.


4 Benefits of Custom Filters


Guaranteed Safety

Customized filters are more effective at ensuring safety by making sure that bad odours, dust, debris, and combustible substances do not accumulate. These contaminants are associated with indoor manufacturing and fabrication hazards. Thus, customised industrial filters help bolster the safety of such fabrication shops.


Infrequent Maintenance

Custom filters are designed to reduce the maintenance requirements of machines. For example, if a machine needs to be cleaned every three days due to the type of material it is processing, a custom filter can be made that can keep contaminants out for three weeks. Thus, the machine is required to be cleaned only once a month instead of once a week, thereby improving workshop efficiency. Ultimately, customized filters can reduce the maintenance requirements of machines by reducing wear and tear.


Lower Environmental Impacts

Custom filters can also be made with recycled materials compared to off-the-shelf filters, where there is no such guarantee. This means that they have a less environmental impact because of using more recycled materials, hence contributing positively towards environmental conservation. 


Ensured Fit

A custom filter is specifically made to fit a particular purpose and housing. Thus, there is no question of bad fitting or poor performance. This is why these filters are preferred over conventional ones, even if they might cost more to manufacture.


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