4 Reasons To Replace Dust Collector Filter Elements

October 29, 2021

Changing dust collector filter cartridges too often may be an extra expense and consume a lot of maintenance time that could otherwise be spent on other productive tasks. However, not keeping a check on the filters could prove hazardous for workers in a facility. Therefore, you need to use dust collector filter elements from reliable manufacturers to protect your workplace from dangerous dust and debris.


When to Replace Dust Collector Filter Elements


Here we’ve highlighted some crucial signs that indicate the right time to replace your filter elements:

Years Of Continous Use

Most dust collector filter elements usually wear and tear over time. However, any filter that has been used for several years might need replacement. Most filters, even the well-manufactured ones, tend to lose their stability after a certain point in time. Therefore, keeping track of your filters' lifespan is ideal for estimating the correct period to replace the filter element.

No Improvement In Performance Despite Regular Cleaning

Maintaining the dust collector filter cartridges is essential to enhance their longevity. However, if this daily cleaning and maintenance routine fails to achieve results, it's time to replace the faulty filters. It's advisable to note down when the dust collector filters start faltering so that you can reinstate them instantly instead of waiting for them to stop functioning altogether.

Machines Indicating Signs of Dust Infiltration

Dust infiltration can contaminate your machines and cause wear and tear of internal components faster than the manufacturer's estimated lifespan. If your equipment is making abnormal noises or underperforming for a certain amount of time, you should consider replacing its filters and monitoring its performance.

Replace The Filters When You Have Sufficient Resources 

If you have adequate resources for filter procurement, keep the spare filters handy even if your dust collectors perform well. Maintaining a stock of some essential spare parts is undoubtedly beneficial and gives you an edge to replace them easily.

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