4 Industries That Require Frequent Vacuum Truck Filter Replacement

December 30, 2021

Hydro excavators have become essential equipment in removing massive amounts of liquid and substances in many projects. The most powerful ones use efficient vacuum truck filter sets to remove fluids quickly and avoid damaging the components and fittings of their vehicle-mounted vacuums. Due to the vital role of the filters, some industries run through them a lot faster than others. 



Here are 4 industries that frequently require a change in their vacuum truck filter sets.




Underground and foundational digging is vital in all pipe repair, replacement, and installation operations. However, groundwater is a significant and consistent problem in these projects. To counteract this problem, hydro excavators with powerful vacuums are used to remove sewage and groundwater from the work area consistently. Consequently, its vacuum truck filter constantly removes critical amounts of sediments and dust in the air, leading to frequent replacement.


Construction and Development

Similar to piping contracts, most construction and development projects involve underground digging. In this case, too, hydro excavators can quickly remove any groundwater and sewage that seeps into work areas and dig sites. Evidently, these machines will need an efficient vacuum truck filter set because of the consistent debris and dust that will likely contaminate or clog the machine.



Digging deeper than most construction and piping projects, mining companies can uncover or breach multiple groundwaters and sewage sources. This scenario necessitates the need for hydro excavators to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment. Furthermore, draining unwanted substances in deep dig sites will guarantee that companies meet all their logistical goals on time. For such heavy-duty operations, vacuum filters will need to be replaced regularly.


Oil Drilling

An industry at par with mining in terms of complexity, oil drilling goes through multiple layers of soil and foundational rock. For this purpose, they need powerful vacuum excavators that can move liquid from one place to another at a highly efficient pace. This in turn means that the amount of debris that their vacuum filter sets remove is phenomenal, thus requiring constant maintenance and replacement.


Hence, if you are a part of any of these 4 industries, then it would be wise to stock up on vacuum truck filters for emergencies.


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