4 Health-Saving Reasons To Have Properly-Working and Correct Welding Filters

October 27, 2020

It might feel like a huge pain purchasing the newest batches of welding filters and masks for you and your employees. However, like in any industry, safety always comes first before productivity. Proper and correct filters will always save lives. 

If you feel it's a burden sometimes, read these four health-saving benefits during a time you need to replace filters collectively:


Alveoli and Major Lung Damage

Welding produces fumes containing the tiniest, microscopic metal particles capable of airborne travel. Therefore, anybody without a proper welding filter will inhale the fumes easily. Truthfully, local governments worldwide prohibit outdoor welding because it can lead to particle inhalation resulting in major and long-term damages to your lungs, specifically the alveoli.

10-100-Micron Particle Risk Factor

Welding produces 10-100-micron particles, which anyone can easily inhale without a proper welding mask. The majority of welding filters from Class W1-W3 can filter up to 95-99 percent of metallic particles in the work environment. Additionally, most welding fume extractors reduce the work environment's risk much more.

Material-Based Risks

Alloyed and unalloyed steel, nickel, chromium, high-alloy steel, and other metals and metalloids produce a wide variety of particles during welding operations. The correct class of welding filters is crucial for welding work. For example, a company must have a W3 Class filter to reduce the risk of high-alloy particle inhalation during welding by a life-saving 99 percent.

Reduced Insurance Premium Headaches

Work insurance premiums anchor its values to the risks associated with your existing work environment. If you have a low-risk, productive health environment, you can pay a significantly-reduced sum for collective work insurance thanks to having the correct filters.

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Safety comes first, making it imperative always to have fully functional and capable filters all the time. Dynamic Filtration can provide you with the best-manufactured filters in the market. Contact us today to learn more!


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