4 Features Of Filter Elements Used In Aerospace Sector

August 24, 2022

A variety of filter elements are used in myriad purposes ranging from HVAC systems, food processing, automobiles and even the aerospace sector. Coming to the latter, these air filters play a fundamental role in maintaining air quality in the cabin, which is all the more necessary in a highly-pressurized environment. Since their role is highly specialized and requires accuracy, filter elements used in the aerospace sector have a few impressive features.


Filter Element Features in The Aerospace Sector


Filtration Efficiency

Air filters used in flights are exposed to more dust, debris and contaminants than other filters. Hence, they need to be extremely efficient to remove all these particles and circulate purified air. This makes aerospace filters far superior in function to their counterparts. 


Dirt Holding Capacity

Most air filters will see a marked drop in performance due to the accumulation of dust and dirt. Even HEPA and other high-end filters are not immune to this. Hence, aerospace filters are designed to withstand a high level of dirt accumulation to ensure continuous functioning. 


High-Pressure Capability

Flying at high altitudes, the entire aircraft is exposed to extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations. As a result, aerospace filters are also designed to handle these harsh conditions and keep functioning without incurring damages.


Lightweight And Compact

It is a well-known fact that aircrafts are designed to be light so that they can fly with minimal resistance. To achieve this, all constituent parts of the plane are also designed to be lightweight and compact. Aerospace air filters are no exception to this rule. Apart from being robust and efficient, they are also lighter and more compact than other filters.


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