4 Excellent Reasons to Use a Cleanable Air Filter

June 03, 2020

Many individuals are significantly inclined to purchase reusable items in order to save money and help the environment. Luckily, a cleanable air filter for residential and commercial HVAC units exists. These filters can handle the majority of air filtration needed to purify the air from artifacts and even bacteria in many cases. Here are four compelling reasons to consider using an air filter you can clean and reuse:


A cleanable air filter for your HVAC helps you save money in the long run compared to purchasing vast quantities of disposable air filters. Some disposables might cost less than reusable air filters, but you often have to buy them in bulk. The cost will build up over time and they can become considerably problematic, especially if you're working with a tight and strict budget when it comes to HVAC maintenance.

Helps Save The Environment

Recycling plants need to use a significant amount of energy to break down the material used in disposable air filters. A cleanable air filter can be reused with careful washing and maintenance and will ultimately result in less energy consumption.

Useful For a Large Majority of Filtration Situations

Washable filters protect against everyday dust and soot to prevent damage to your HVAC, however, they do require some time to be cleaned and dried. It's essential to dry them because moist filters will encourage bacterial growth. Disposable air filters are exceptionally useful for when your HVAC is operating in bacteria-sensitive rooms, such as hospitals.

Plenty of Manufacturers

You can find reusable air filters almost anywhere you look. Many residential and commercial property owners trust Dynamic Filtration for their wide range of dependable air filters for all their HVAC needs. 

Only Use The Most Effective Filtration From Dependable Suppliers

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and perfecting every air filter we develop, you can count on Dynamic Filtration for all your filter needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and capabilities.


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