4 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Industrial Filter

September 07, 2021

Air filters, also known as air cleaners, are essential for any residential, commercial, and industrial property. Industrial filters have higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) capabilities and as such, are not applicable for all types of buildings but will be necessary for industrial applications. Industrial facilities and warehouses have to invest in large-scale, high-quality industrial filters with top-notch filtering capabilities.



Here are four easy steps to help you choose the best industrial filter:



The Filter’s Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) Capabilities

There's a set range of CFM ratings that best suit particular applications. Here are some basic CFM recommendations for the following applications:

  • Welding: 4-6CFM
  • Grinding: 6CFM
  • Plasma Cutting: 6-8CFM
  • Diesel Smoke: 8CFM
  • Foundry: 6-8CFM
  • Plastic Smoke: 8-10CFM
  • Wood Working: 8-10CFM


The Ease of Installation

The air cleaning and filtration system's position is critical to its overall performance in keeping your work environment free from dangerous materials and sediments. Make sure that you've consulted top-notch air vent cleaning and filtration specialists to learn the best options for your business. Making sure your filter is installed properly the first time around will help you prevent any possible rearrangements that can affect your future operations.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for industrial air cleaners because it can lead to reduced energy costs, increased operational life, increased energy to function ratio, and better productivity. Energy efficiency is especially important for industrial air cleaners because they are used in high-pressure, high-temperature environments.


Availability of Replacement Filters

Your air cleaners are as good as the filters they use, meaning if you don't have a steady supply of high-quality replacement filters for a high-performance and energy-saving air cleaner, your air cleaning system is as good as useless. Rest assured, you can count on us at Dynamic Filtration to provide you with a steady stream of replacement filters for your machines. We even have customization capabilities to make filtration devices that fit any system.


Consult our filtration manufacturing specialists at Dynamic Filtration today to learn more about our products and services. We guarantee only the best results and products for your needs.

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