4 Different Types of Industrial Filters for Different Applications

August 09, 2021

Without industrial filters, gunk and dust will cake up in enclosed spaces, machine parts, and more, posing a health hazard and also potentially causing damage to costly facilities and equipment. Thankfully, high-quality manufacturers, such as Dynamic Filtration, provide four of the best air filters today that are most widely used in different kinds of industries.



Here is a breakdown of four of the most popular industrial filter types:




Layered fiberglass industrial filters are a common product suitable for air compressors, vacuums, vents, and other airways that require sufficient dust and dirt filtration. The filter material can remove just enough dust and grime from the air to keep machines running perfectly. They are easy to use and replace, and as such will not take up too much maintenance time.


Polyester and Pleated

Pleated industrial filters use polyester as their main material. Its woven and better-layered media can filter much more dust, particles, dirt, and grime. While you might notice a slight airflow pressure change, polyester and pleated air filters require no ductwork and machine alterations to improve filtration.



High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters can remove any particulate matter on the smallest micro-scale possible. Operators in crucial industries, such as those of major energy suppliers, use HEPA filters that meet strict safety and operating standards. This typically means that HEPA filters can catch particles as small as 0.3 microns.


Cleanable Air Filters

Dust and grime buildup is common for all air filters. Cleanable air filters work around this by reducing the need for constant replacements. Washable air filters allow you to save on constantly having to purchase replacements. All you need to do is set a reasonable schedule for cleaning and ensure you adhere to it.


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