4 Different Kinds of Filter Element Types You Should Know

July 24, 2020

Filters are only useful for your machines and daily operations if you've chosen the correct filter element type suitable for your machine. Each element has a different set of advantages and performance improvements that will benefit your business.

Here are four different kinds of elements you should know about: 



Manufacturers, such as us at Dynamic Filtration, use high-quality stainless steel in producing woven-mesh filter element types. These woven wire and perforated metal sheets can prevent almost every kind of debris, dust, and other impurities entering the machine. Additionally, manufacturers can create customized apertures if you need it.



Woven-mesh filter element types have their respective micron value of 15-25. However, a genuinely micronic filter is one that has a specially-treated cellulose paper with unique vertical wrinkles. These are extremely important in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing plants, businesses that often tackle solids as small as 10 microns.


Porous Metal

Porous or sintered metal filters have excellent corrosion resistance and have an adjustable porosity that makes it invaluable in many business applications. Most chemical plants that work with high-temperature substances find great use with the exceptional thermal shock resistance that porous metal filters possess. Lastly, it applies consistent pressure in your fluid too.



These filters often work with radiators and work environments with heavy metallic dust and sludge as byproducts of daily operations. Magnetic filters are perfect in catching sludge, which prevents possible malfunction of air and liquid filtration machines. While more expensive because of its metallic property, magnetic filters are worthwhile investments.


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