4 Crucial Indicators That You Need Replacement Filters for Dust Collectors

December 22, 2020

Replacement filters for dust collectors are essential to help combat allergies and other results of unclean air. They can also help reduce the instances of contagious diseases spreading in your industrial warehouses. Most of the time, people may still find their warehouses experiencing poor airflow or unclean air despite having a filtration system to help. This is likely due to the poor performance of the dust collecting filters in your warehouse, due to old age, malfunction, or poor cleaning.


Here are four indicators that it's time to replace your dust filters:


Your Filters Remain Despite Being in Use for a Long Time

It's surprising to see your dust collectors in excellent and pristine condition despite being in use for more than two months. It's an indicator that your filter has poor retention -- its meshes have widened enough to let dust particles into your systems. It's essential to find replacement filters for dust collectors that have the right MERV rating. 


You Can't Clean Your Filter Due To Depth Loading

Over time, even the best-made filters get dust lodged deeply into the filter media. In turn, it gets clogged, especially when the pressure across the filters becomes high enough to hamper the flow of air. De-clogging involves cleaning the filter, but if the element is beyond cleaning due to deeply-lodged dust, it's time for you to replace it. 


Visible Particles in the Air

It's usual to see particles floating in the air in most manufacturing facilities. However, if there's a high level of visible dust in the air, your air filter is likely malfunctioning. It's essential to have replacement filters for dust collectors to protect your equipment and personnel.


Filters in Use For Quite a Long Period

If you've been using your filters for more than 3-5 years, it's truly time to replace it. Dust can lodge and clog the elements, even though they look clean and pristine. You can never be confident of an aged filter's performance, and in any case replacements will be more manageable and cost-effective.


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