4 Compelling Reasons To Always Have an Efficient Welding Filter

September 14, 2020

Welding is an intense job - it requires your employees to remain focused on the task at hand, holding a heated torch that can melt and unify different structural steel parts and fittings. With a helpful welding filter, they can protect their face from the dangers of wayward sparks and heat. 

Here are four crucial reasons to have efficient weld filters all the time: 


Always Protects The Eyes

A welding filter protects the eyes against prolonged exposure to consistently-bright illumination. Torches will always shine intensely, especially once it has contact with the parts or fittings to weld.  Effective welding filters protect against significant levels of light and can help with protecting the eyesight and vision of professional welders.

Passive and Auto-Darkening Variants

Manufacturers produce both passive and auto-darkening welding filter variants. Each one has its pros and cons. Passives do not adjust automatically to light intensity, but you can switch between lenses swiftly. Auto-darkening options require no lens swapping, but they are more expensive and runs on batteries.

Improves Welder Productivity

Having a top-quality welding filter improves your welders' productivity levels by a long mile. The right welding filters will always help your business achieve all its logistics and deadlines without failure. Additionally, your welders' visual health and safety will remain healthy, which will support in maintaining your professional no-accident records for years to come.

Upgrades Overall Facility Safety Levels

With welders doing their work accurately, without fatigue, and no compromises, not only will they have job satisfaction, you will also be able to provide a significant contribution to your facility's overall safety levels. Clients trust businesses that concern themselves about their employees' safety, which improves project results and also helps meet logistical deadlines on time consistently.

Only Reputable Manufacturers Create High-Quality Weld Filters

When it comes to welding filters, you can count on us at Dynamic Filtration to provide you the highest-quality lenses and other filters you need. Call us to learn more about everything we're capable of today.


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