4 Commonly-Used Materials In Custom Air Filters

January 12, 2022

In many industrial sectors, air contamination and pollution are a part and parcel of daily operations. However, it can lead to hazardous work conditions for the employees as well as lower the quality of the manufactured goods. Hence, to curtail this problem, air filters are used extensively. These filters can be of OEM make or customized, the latter being more streamlined to suit a particular operation. If you need a custom air filter for your business, then it’s important to know about the different materials that are used for filtration. 



To elaborate further, here are 4 popular materials that are used to make custom filters.




Electrostatic Polypropelene Air Filter

Made from a high-quality synthetic material that is sturdy and durable, electrostatic polypropylene air filters perform in two ways. While the material stops the larger particles from entering an area like a normal filter, it also carries an electrostatic charge that attracts dust and other contaminants to stick on its surface, just like a magnet. Highly efficient, these air filters are often expensive, which is their only major drawback. 


Activated Carbon Air Filter

Comprised of charcoal, these types of air filters are considered one of the most effective and traditional methods of air filtration. Essentially, when this charcoal is activated using heat or chemical treatment, it becomes highly porous and can absorb even the smallest of particles in the air. Although expensive, its accuracy makes it worthwhile to use this media in industries where air quality is of paramount importance. 


Polyurethane Foam Air Filter

Made of highly porous foam, polyurethane air filters are efficient, economical, and most importantly, highly reusable. Due to these characteristics, these industrial filters are widely used in multiple sectors. 


Polyester Impingement Air Filter

As the name suggests, these filters are made of polyester and use high velocity and the principle of impingement to remove contaminants from the air stream. Basically, heavier particles can be easily removed using this filter. Moreover, the synthetic material also grants high strength and durability to the filter, making it a great material for custom material. 


With this knowledge, you can now select a material for your customized filtration system to get the best possible results. 


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