4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dust Collecting Filters

April 08, 2022

Dust collecting filters are highly useful because they keep the air free from pollutants in any facility, which in turn keeps people healthy and productive. Usually made of a long tube with a filter at one end that disposes of stale air, this filter catches all of the dust and dirt particles in the air. However, they don’t last forever and will require their respective replacements in the future. If you are unsure about this, here are 4 signs that it’s time to replace your dust collecting filters.


Signs That Indicate Your Dust Collecting Filters Need To Be Replaced


Steam Sterilization Cycles and Limits

A filter sterilization cycle is a set of operations that are applied to a filter to sanitize it. There are two types of sterilization cycles: wet and dry. The wet cycle uses a chemical agent to kill microorganisms on the filter surface, while the dry cycle uses heat from an oven to eliminate the microbes on the surface of the filter. During these cycles, the top layer of the filter tends to wear off after a few sterilizations. Therefore, with this data, one can determine whether or not a filter is due for replacement.


Ultrasonic Bath Limit

An ultrasonic bath limit is a measurement of how many times an air filter can be cleaned using ultrasonic waves before it needs to be replaced. The ultrasonic waves cause the dirt particles to rise to the surface and disintegrate. A vacuum cleaner then removes the dirt particles. However, it will affect the performance of the dust-collecting filter. Hence, much like steam sterilization, there are only a limited number of these cycles that a filter can tolerate before it becomes ineffective.


When Filter Pressure Drops

This is a clear indicator that a filter needs replacement, as low filter pressure can cause an increase in the flow rate of air leaving the filter. Low pressure can also shorten the life of the filter membrane, leading to machine damage. Dust’s consistent presence can also lead to the growth of bacteria and mold, which can further contaminate your indoor air.


Preventative Maintenance Schedule Appointments

Often, your industrial filters might be performing well even when it's time for scheduled maintenance. However, it’s best to replace your air filters upon reaching this schedule because beyond this point, there is no guarantee of its performance. Hence, replacing them promptly at this time is the ideal solution. 


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