4 Benefits of Pleated Air Filters

March 17, 2021

Pleated air filters are a top choice for many industrial facilities. With pleated air filters, you can prolong your system's lifespan and performance. Plus, you won't need to drastically alter your system because they can integrate well with virtually any existing airflow circuit.



If you're not yet convinced, here are four more advantages of pleated filters.



Longer Lifespan Than Average Filters

High-quality fiberglass filters can last for 30 days before needing maintenance, repairs, or replacements. On the other hand, pleated air filters can last more than 90 days. While pleated filters will cost more than an average filter, you will enjoy more productivity with continuously-functioning and capable filters. Fortunately, many high-quality manufacturers offer wholesale prices for pleated filters.


Zero Impact on System Airflow

Thick filters can snatch virtually any micro-level particle, but do so while sacrificing airflow. Pleated air filters hit the "sweet spot" of filtration because they can capture more dust and particles while ensuring undisrupted system airflow. While some pleated filters can slightly affect system airflow, most will not cause any hiccups to your existing system.


Catches More Particles than Regular Filters

Regular filters can capture enough particles to keep your machines running. On the other hand, pleated filters can catch much more dust and particles because of their micro-sized meshes. Doing so enhances your machine's performance and improves your system's lifespan and performance thanks to improved air purity.


Doesn't Require Ductwork Alterations

Because it doesn't affect airflow, your existing air ducts won't need modifications and enhanced air compressor or vacuum performance. Pleated filters save you money by preserving your machine's lifespan and improving its performance. Plus, you won't need to make drastic and costly system modifications.


It's Easy to Find Dependable Filter Manufacturers

You can always count on us at Dynamic Filtration to provide you with high-quality pleated filters for any purpose. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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