3 Unique Uses Of Panel Air Filters In Automotive Customization

May 16, 2022

When it comes to industrial air filters, there is a wide variety to choose from, starting from panel filters and pleated filters to HEPA filters and more. While panel filters are one of the most basic air filters and are majorly used to keep out large-sized contaminants, their application can be diversified to a great extent. One such use is in automotive customization. For vehicle aficionados, aesthetic as well as performance tuning is an exciting venture that has led to a burgeoning automotive niche for mechanics and technicians. 


Hence, if you are interested in such customizations, then perhaps these 3 unique applications of panel filters for this exact purpose might be perfect for you. 


3 Vehicle Customization Ideas With Panel Filters


Decluttering The Hood

In a car engine, the inlet pipe which contains the air filter takes up a lot of space. Thus, in order to improve its aesthetic quality without compromising on performance, you can opt for mounting a panel filter directly on the underside of the hood. A special fitting can be fabricated to direct the air from the filter to the inlet, thereby improving the overall look under the hood. Instead of a large intake pipe that is connected to the classic conical filters, with this customization, everyone will only be able to see the engine in all its glory. 


Creating Custom Air Box

A traditional conical air filter is great in terms of utility, but it also creates significant noise. Thus, if you are looking to keep the noise to a minimum for a race car or a show car, then you can simply create a customized airbox with a panel filter on top. Once this airbox is mounted close to an air source, then the vehicle can easily draw in fresh air through the filter and into the engine without creating much noise. 


Air Box For Powerful Motorcycles

High-end motorcycles that use multiple inline cylinders generate a lot of power in their engine. However, to meet this power requirement, the vehicle also needs to have an efficient air intake system, a toll that a conventional air filtration system might not be able to handle. Hence, creating and mounting a customized airbox with a panel filter is an excellent choice under the circumstances. 


Apart from these unique uses, a robust panel filter also requires minimal maintenance, making them last for a long time.


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