3 Undeniable Advantages Of Pleated Air Filters

July 14, 2022

Industrial air filters are a staple in many manufacturing sectors. Be it panel filters, pleated filters, fiberglass filters, or the exceptional HEPA filters, each has its own niche. However, among the plethora of air filters used in various industrial settings, pleated air filters stand out due to many reasons. The durability and dependability of these filters outdo almost every other filter material available. Expanding more on these qualities, here are three outstanding benefits of pleated air filters.


Merits of Pleated Air Filters


Extremely Efficient

Pleated air filters are highly customizable. Hence, they can fit in any HVAC intake with ease. Moreover, they are extremely effective at filtration, removing particles as small as 0.3 microns. This is due to its expanded surface area, which helps it to trap more organic matter and silt than other filters. Hence, pleated filters can be quite efficient in keeping out dust, pollen, mold, dust mites, and viruses from the air.


Unrestricted Airflow

Early pleated filters faced the problem of restricted inlet airflow and reduced air pressure. However, modern versions with higher MERV ratings guarantee that they can restrict numerous pollutants without affecting the HVAC system's airflow. Therefore, it extends the system’s lifespan, improves the unit's energy efficiency, and maintains its temperature-controlling performance. 


Exceptional Durability

Pleated air filters have longer service life than their counterparts because of their synthetic components and resistance to high air pressure. This is primarily due to the exceptional quality of the filter itself, which keeps out pollutants and keeps the motors, coils and other internal equipment free from dust and other contaminants.


Hence, these 3 reasons make pleated air filters a staple in modern HVAC systems.


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