3 Types Of Panel Filters Classified By MERV Rating

December 07, 2021

In any machine or equipment that requires basic air filtration, you will most likely find a panel filter. These simple yet efficient air filters take out dust and other contaminants from the air by using a negative pressure system. Other than purifying the air, these filters also protect the complex machinery of a system that can otherwise get damaged due to abrasion from these dust particles. These extremely useful pieces of equipment can be classified in several ways. One such classification is on the basis of the size of the particles that a filter can remove successfully.  



On the basis of these criteria, panel filters can be classified into 3 types.



MERV Rating

Before proceeding to the filters, it is important to understand the MERV rating. MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value is a rating system that provides a hierarchy on the basis of relative filter efficiency. This scale runs from 1-16, with one being the rating of the filter that can extract large particles, and 16 being the rating of a filter that can remove extremely fine particles from the air. With this understanding, it’s time to see the 3 types of panel filters.


Filters With MERV Rating Of 1-4


The most basic types of panel filters fall under this category and they filter out large contaminants in the range of 10 microns. Due to their relatively low efficiency, they are mostly used for residential purposes, namely as a filter in window AC units.


Filters With MERV Rating Of 5-8 


A rung above the primary filters, these secondary panel filters can remove particles that have a diameter of 3-10 microns. Due to their superior efficiency, these industrial filters are used in manufacturing plants, commercial properties as well as residential buildings.


Filter With MERV Rating Of 9-12


The most efficient and superior among the three, filters with this MERV rating can remove even the tiniest air contaminants whose diameter is in the range of 1-3 microns. Due to their extreme filtering capabilities, these filters are primarily used in hospitals and laboratories, where air quality plays a vital role. 


Thus, on the basis of application, panel filters can be chosen according to their MERV rating for the best results. 


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