3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Pleated Air Filters

March 10, 2022

For appropriate filtration for personal or industrial purposes, HVAC systems are used widely around the globe. A variety of air filters that are used in these systems include pleated air filters, panel filters, HEPA filters and more. Striking a fine balance between quality and pricing, pleated filters are often the more popular choice of the lot, as their extensive surface area allows for maximum contaminant collection without restricting airflow. However, with enough time and usage, even these filters can wear out. Here are 3 signs that will provide a clear indication of their decline. 



Signs of a Worn-Out Pleated Air Filter




Visual Examination


One of the best and easy ways to examine your pleated air filter is by observing them firsthand. Watch for signs of excessive dust buildup or caking on your filter. If it is too extreme, then immediately get it replaced, as it will adversely affect the HVAC system and lower its efficiency. 


Increase In Breathing Related Issues


Irrespective of your status as a private residence or a commercial facility, a telltale sign of worn-out filters are an increase in respiratory-related problems such as allergies. If your staff or members of your household are suffering from this issue, then it’s a clear indication that the filters are not performing their tasks and need to be examined and replaced. 


Increase In Energy Consumption


As more dust and contaminants accumulate on the pleated air filter, it will also significantly reduce the airflow. Hence, the HVAC system will have to push harder to maintain efficiency, thereby severely increasing the power consumption, which would be clearly reflected in your electricity bills.


To conclude, if you do observe these 3 signs in your property, then it is evident that your filtration system needs an overhaul. 


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