3 Main Advantages of Using A Custom Filter

November 18, 2021

While OEM filters generally serve the purpose for most major industries and applications, there might be situations where customization might be required. For prototypes requiring irregular filter dimensions, custom filters are probably the best choice. Moreover, using a customized version of filters comes with its own set of advantages that their traditional counterparts can’t provide.



To elaborate further, here are 3 major advantages of a custom filter:




Process Optimization


Sometimes generic filters are not capable of addressing the complex requirements of highly specialized systems. In fact, most companies opt for unique filter configurations to meet their particular system design. Thus, going for OEM products for your machinery may not be the best option. 


On the other hand, with customized filtration, your processes will be optimized because all the tiniest details of your filtration system will be taken into account. High-quality industrial filter manufacturers, such as Dynamic Filtration, will specifically build a design that can optimize your filtration processes, even if it requires some trial and error, a luxury that standard manufacturers don’t provide. 


Flexible Approach


In some cases, it isn’t necessary to design a brand new filtration system, but only update a part of it. In this situation, many manufacturers might go for OEM options to save money, but it is more often than not a bad fit for their system. With custom filter manufacturers, you can also opt for semi-customization so that the newly designed component works well with your existing system. Such solutions also keep your filter durable and operational for a long time. Thus, only opting for customization gives you this leeway. 


Right Housing Design


Finally, to reap all the benefits of a custom filter, it is vital to have the right housing. Clearly, for specialized filters, traditional housing will be a bad fit. Thus, when going for custom filters for your system, you can also give your housing an upgrade, which will ultimately boost the performance of your system. 


Due to these 3 distinct benefits, many businesses opt for custom filters where quality and efficiency can’t be compromised. If your requirements meet the above criteria, then do consider customization.


Here at Dynamic Filtration, we are very well equipped to design both customized filters and housings, as well as different types of filters. Take a tour of our website or contact us today to know more.

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