3 Factors To Consider To Pick The Right Industrial Filter

February 07, 2022

An industrial filter is a high-performing air filter that is designed to keep particles from entering the air supply. Due to their high efficiency, these filters are often used in industrial settings where there is a high level of dust or other particles. Moreover, industrial filters are often designed to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures and pressure. To accomplish this, they are generally made from durable materials such as stainless steel. While they’re greatly durable, they will still require regular replacements due to natural wear and tear. 


If you require a new industrial filter, then it’s best to keep these factors in mind.


Temperature Tolerance

Industrial filters need to be able to withstand temperatures within a certain range to function properly. If the temperature outside of the filter is too cold, for example, then the air will not pass through it. Thus, consult your equipment manufacturer’s guide to find or deduce the industrial filter specs of your new device.


Type of Filter Material

Understanding the types of filter material will help you decide which industrial filter is best suited for your machine. For example, if you are filtering water, stainless steel would be best because it is corrosion-resistant. On the other hand, using copper would be the best bet if you were filtering acid because it does not corrode when it comes in contact with the chemical. If you’re unsure about the materials, it’s prudent to consult your equipment manufacturer or ask your filter manufacturer for recommendations.


Proper Physical Configuration

Choosing a filter with proper physical configuration ensures that the filter can do its job adequately and get closer to its maximum efficiency. The physical configuration of a filter will majorly depend on the type of particles it is trying to capture. For example, a jar filter will be different from a sieve filter, which in turn will be different from a cartridge filter in terms of installation, efficiency, and functionality, as they are each designed to filter out different types of contaminants.


By considering these 3 factors, you can pick up an industrial filter that is best suited for your needs.


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