3 Different Types of Air Panel Filter Materials

June 24, 2022

Clean indoor air quality levels are important for any residential or commercial environment as they can improve productivity, boost health, and reduce the cumulative carbon footprint. To this end, air panel filter elements and materials play a huge role in maintaining this quality of air. However, there are several subclassifications among panel filters in terms of materials. Here are 3 such types of panel filters and their applications.


Popular Panel Filter Materials



Fiberglass is the most affordable air filtration material available and it is often used in many commercial filters. Spun fiberglass is highly durable and can withstand the strongest air pressure. When air pushes against fiberglass filters, they can effectively remove dust and pet dander without hampering the airflow intake.


Activated Carbon

Carbon treated with heat and special chemicals produces a filter that can remove particles well beyond the capabilities of HEPA filters. In addition, activated carbon also removes stale and stinky odor from indoor air. Apart from being a superior air filtration catalyst, some forms of special activated carbon are also used in water filters to remove particles and other organic matter.



Plastic polypropylene filters are a worthy alternative to fiberglass because of their affordability. Synthetic filter fibers can hold electric charges to eliminate organisms and bacteria from the incoming air stream. Moreover, apart from affordability, most polypropylene filters can work well for up to a year without any hassles.


Which material is the best?


The answer is rather subjective and depends on your requirements. Assess your situation and local environment to find the best filter for your needs. For example, activated carbon filters work exceptionally well in hospitals, which require a very high degree of filtration. Alternatively, polypropylene and fiberglass filters can have industrial versions that adequately purify indoor factory air, where durability might be favored over quality.


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