3 Differences Between Pleated and Non Pleated Air Filters

May 26, 2022

Air Filters are a mandatory component in your HVAC system. Their main job lies in facilitating the clean flow of air by obstructing toxic particles before they enter the air duct. Choosing the right kind of air filter for your HVAC system could get confusing as there are many options available. 

One should consider factors like the amount of air pollution in the vicinity, price, and duration of replacement among others while selecting an air filter. Air filters are majorly divided into two types: pleated air filters and non-pleated air filters. Let's find out what sets them apart from each other.


Differences Between Pleated and Non-Pleated Air Filters


Pleated air filters are made from a unique type of wire synthetic material. These filters are advanced and provide a much higher level of filtration compared to their counterparts. Pleated air filters can successfully block particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. 

These include dust, mites, pathogens and even bacteria. On the other hand, non-pleated filters are only ideal for large particles like dust, insects and lint.

Time-to-time maintenance of the HVAC system is essential. Replacing the air filter at regular intervals is a tiresome yet crucial part of HVAC maintenance. While a pleated air filter requires to be replaced just once every 90 days, a non-pleated air filter needs to be changed every 30 days.

Non-pleated air filters are cheaper than pleated air filters. However, pleated air filters have an edge when it comes to power consumption and maintenance costs. Non-pleated filters are often made of dense materials like fibreglass or electrostatic material. The higher density of the filter makes it difficult for air to pass through. Thus, consuming more power.

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