3 Benefits of Canister Type Inlet Filters

October 24, 2019

Dynamic Filtration designs and manufactures canister type welding filters used to protect reciprocating air compressors, centrifugal blowers, and rotary blowers. Opting for one of our inlet filter products offers a range of benefits including reduced noise during equipment use, reduced equipment down-time and maintenance, and increased efficiency and productivity.


Today we’ll overview 3 benefits of using canister type welding filters for reciprocating air compressors, centrifugal blowing, and rotary blowing equipment.



Reduced Noise Pollution


Typically caused by the operation of industrial-scale machines, noise pollution is the propagation of noise resulting in the negative impact on nearby human and animal life.


Dynamic Filtration’s line of canister type inlet filters effectively reduces the mechanical noise of reciprocating air compressors, centrifugal blowing, and rotary blowing equipment so you don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors or surrounding wildlife.


Minimized Equipment Down-time and Maintenance


Equipment down-time can negatively impact your business. The loss of efficiency often results in your business paying more in the long run. In order to mitigate the risks associated with equipment down-time, it is imperative that you take the necessary maintenance precautions.


Luckily a little goes a long way – our line of welding filters aid in minimizing equipment down-time in its ability to avoid harmful build-up. That way you can focus on ensuring the efficiency of daily operations without having to spend time and money on repair and maintenance.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity


An added benefit of using our inlet filter products for your air compressors, centrifugal blowing, and rotary blowing equipment is their ability to increase overall operational efficiency and productivity. Our filters are able to trap substances to avoid build-up that can slow down the efficiency of your equipment. Forget having to slow down productivity for maintenance – use of our inlet filter products allow you to focus on maximizing daily operations for increased equipment effectiveness in efficiency and productivity.


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