3 Advantages When Using Custom Filters On Your HVAC Unit

January 10, 2020

All HVAC manufacturers produce their own custom filters for their respective units; however, over time, they will discontinue support and the manufacture of these unit-only compatible filters that aren’t available elsewhere.


Situations like this are why a custom filter manufacturer turns out to be a saving grace for those avoiding operational problems for their units in the long run.


A reason like this may be enough to sell most on partnering with manufacturers like this, but here are four more advantages you can expect to receive:


Anti-Bacterial Capability

Even with manufacturer support for filter replacements, having customised filters gives you different features, this pertains to anti-bacterial defenses. Sneezing dust mites, lint, and household dust can trigger different allergies and endanger everyone's health and safety at home or in an establishment. If you have an office outlet right next to a bio-processing plant, anti-bacterial filters can help reduce the possibility of any aerial contamination.


Retrofitted Filters for Older Units

Manufacturers of customised filters illustrate their valuable nature no better than for those using aged HVAC units for variable ventilation processes vital to product manufacturing. Unfortunately, because manufacturer support has ended, you'll find it difficult to find replacement filters and will be forced to reuse your existing filters. With custom filter manufacturers, you can reverse-engineer your obsolete unit's filters and get a huge volume of replacements in a short time.


Pollen and Smog Reduction

Useful for factory HVAC ventilation units, customised filters prevent pollen and smog contamination in air-secure areas. For example, an air-sensitive operation in one area will need excellent pollen and smog reduction. A customised filter guarantees minimal to no permeation of contaminated air.


The Best Filters Start With Leading Manufacturers

To make sure you get the customised filters for your HVAC unit that fulfills all your functionality and productivity needs, you can always count on us at Dynamic Filtration. With more than 20 years of experience using only state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, you're guaranteed to set yourself up with the best filters in the market. So get in touch and see the difference for yourself!

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