2 Prominent Ways To Inspect Air Filters

July 25, 2022

For high indoor air quality, many residential and commercial buildings opt for an air filtration system with a very efficient filter element. It keeps the various areas in the facility free from undesirable air contaminants that can adversely affect product outputs, processes, and even the health of the residents and workers. Although a valuable investment for this purpose, it is also essential to maintain them regularly to ensure their optimal functioning. There are multiple to carry out this inspection, which will be discussed below.


Ways to Inspect Air Filters


Equipment Inspection

After the correct selection and installation, every filter element should be inspected regularly and maintained well for optimal filtration function. Some of the key parameters indicating filter performance are humidity, established pressure drops, seasonal changes, scheduled maintenance programs, and other variations observed in the environment. Often, industrial filter manufacturers would suggest the installation of a differential pressure measurement device that can help to accurately signal the best time for a replacement. This is done with the aid of switches that deliver automatic alarms to warn the operator when the filter is due for a change of the filter element that needs replacing.


Visual Inspection

This is the process where an engineer or operator will visually inspect the air filter for signs of dust buildup. Excessive build-up can indicate that it’s due for replacement. However, it is not a very reliable form of examination and maintenance. 


By simply looking at the filter element, one may decide that it might be time to replace but in fact, the filter can still be used for some time and just requires basic cleaning. Hence, it is best to rely on non-visual methods such as differential pressure gauges to accurately determine a filter’s lifespan. Doing this will not only save you from costly repairs but also prevent huge losses from downtime.


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