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Filter Elements for the Vacuum Trucking Industry

Vacuum Trucking Industry[Click on thumbnail to enlarge]

Filter elements play a critical role in vacuum trucks. Used for site excavation, general clean-up, and the installation of utilities, these trucks are equipped with a filter designed for both dry and wet conditions. Hydrovac trucks use a pressurized water stream to liquefy the soil cover, which is then removed with a powerful vacuum excavation system and deposited into a storage tank. This filter protects the hydrovac system from being clogged with damaging particles, lessoning maintenance, and extending the life of the machine.

Dynamic Filtration’s premium ME-68K5-MC vacuum truck filter element is constructed with metal end caps with vulcanized 2-part urethane end seals.

Metal end caps:

  • Add durability, protecting the integrity of the filter shape and seal.
  • Prevent separation from filter material and fraying.
  • Creates a more positive seal-eliminates by-pass.
  • Results in a 20-30% longer usage life.

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